Most businesses want to do the right thing and fulfill the legal standards required of them. But California business law can be a difficult and confusing field to navigate alone, whether you’re new to the market, or a long established business. At Ferber Law, we provide thorough and practical legal advice to a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries, both nonprofit and for profit, from small businesses to larger corporations.

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Whether you need a quick clarification on a point of business law, or formal representation in litigation, Ferber Law can provide timely, practical and effective legal advice and services directed to your unique needs.

Setting up a new business, or maintaining success in an existing business can require a great deal of work, and when it comes to fulfilling your legal requirements as a business, the preparation, knowledge and documentation required may leave you overwhelmed. Fortunately, Ferber Law can ease the pressure by helping you take care of the paperwork by drafting all the documents for your new or existing business, as well as working with you on commercial leases and renewals and provide ongoing legal advice as you need it.

“Be prepared and be honest.”

– Wooden

Our advice is always drawn from the most up to date information and innovative approaches, to help ensure your compliance with California business law. Because today’s marketplace is so competitive and the knowledge of the law is uncertain even in longer established businesses, many clients find themselves in situations involving alleged breaches of non-competition or non-solicitation agreements. At Ferber Law we have extensive experience handling these cases, from the drafting of documents to the handling of litigation, including trials where necessary. We can also represent individuals and businesses in litigation when the corporate or partnership entity dissolves.

Our unique and in-depth understanding of your situation allows us to guide you through the process of litigation and strive for the most beneficial long term solution for you or your business, whether by agreement, mediation or trial.